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Packaging - (6inch , 100gm/piece , 1KG Packaging)

Chicken Jumbo Grill is a plain white sausage, also known as "Weißwurst" in German, is a traditional Bavarian sausage. It is seasoned with a blend of spices such as parsley, mace, onions, ginger, and cardamom, giving it a mild and delicate flavor. The name "white sausage" comes from its pale color. It is usually poached in water, rather than being smoked or grilled like other sausages. Weißwurst is typically served hot and is a popular breakfast or brunch dish in Bavaria. It is traditionally eaten with sweet mustard, pretzels, and a fresh Bavarian roll.

This sausage is a beloved part of Bavarian cuisine and is enjoyed for its mild flavor and unique preparation method. It is often associated with traditional Bavarian festivals.

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